Zoe Communication Ministries (South African Children’s Fund)

To All Our South African Friends:

We hope your stay in the USA is not only filled with joy, but also with creativity and a great deal of peace. May we introduce ourselves and our mission? We are Gerhard and Emilie van Wyk, presently living in La Grange, Kentucky. We are initially from Pretoria, where Emilie was a principal of a school and I was a lecturer at the University of South Africa for almost 20 years. After our retirement and immigration to the States we decided to initiate a non-profit corporation, Zoe Communication Ministries, to conduct educational and social uplifting work. Zoe Communication Ministries [509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(i)] is a non-profit corporation registered for the past twenty years with the Federal IRS, previously in California and now in the state of Kentucky. We have an independent bookkeeper, and like all non-profit co-operations we are required to send annual reports to the Federal IRS as well as regular reports to the Secretary of State in Kentucky. Being a registered non-profit corporation means we can issue you a tax deductible receipt for your contribution.

Why are we writing to you?

We believe you are familiar with the difficult times and circumstances some of our people experience in South Africa. They find it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to make a living and to put food on the table. One of my friends, a retired law professor at Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, told me that when someone, in particular a man, lose his job – it is almost impossible to find employment again. In the so-called squatter camps around the big cities there are many of these less privileged people. The suffering party is usually the children who often go without food, warm clothes and blankets.

When we talked with some of our South African friends in the USA they suggested we start a fund to reach out to those suffering people, and in particular to the children without food or clothes. A serious problem for us was how to make sure the money we donate will be distributed in a responsible way. Most welfare (non-profit) organizations pay workers to distribute funds, food and clothes to needy people.

We, however, have decided to donate all the money to these under privileged children without paying wages and other fees to workers. At first we could not find anyone to help us on a mere voluntary basis. However, we have discovered that a few schools in South Africa have started a project to care for these children by supplying them with food and clothes. The teachers in these schools have taken the responsibility to care for these children and their specific needs. These schools, however, are in desperate need of funds and are willing to help us to distribute food and clothes in a responsible way to these needy children.

Zoe Communication Ministry’s board has decided that all the donations we receive will go towards this goal and therefore Zoe Communication Ministries will pay the transfer fees to these schools in South Africa. We will also take the responsibility to provide you with feedback about the way your money was spent and to what extent we have succeeded to reach out to these people. To make this possible we have started a fund called the South African Children’s Fund (registered with the Secretary of State of Kentucky), under the oversight of Zoe Communication Ministries. If you wish to make a donation to help these children in South Africa, you can send a check to SA Children’s Fund: 1505 L Esprit Parkway La Grange KY 40031.

This is not about fundraising for Zoe Communication Ministries, but an appeal to all our friends and caring people to assist our fellow agonizing South Africans. If you, however, prefer to assist these desperate needy children on your own, we can supply you with the contact details of the schools and teachers. We have in person met with the principals and teachers, and can therefore assure you of their willingness and dedication to serve these children in a voluntary and responsible way. Thank you for your support. Gerhard (DR. A. G. VAN WYK) President: Zoe Communication Ministries, Phone: 859-245-7160 (h) or Cell 559-301-7263/90 ZOE COMMUNICATION MINISTRIES operates, collects and donates money to needy people, as well as for the South African Children’s Fund.

The money that comes in for the South African Children’s fund is only used for the children in South Africa. Many people in South Africa have lost their jobs and cannot find any employment anymore, because of affirmative action. The children are the suffering ones and many children go hungry because there is no food to eat. They often say we did not eat because it was not our turn to eat today. Many schools have started a feeding program and feed these children early in the morning, so that they can learn. They also provide a sandwich at break time and again in the afternoon before they go home. Some even give the children food to take home on weekends. These school do not get any assistance from the government and rely on donations and volunteers to help.

In many schools the teachers provide the food, some have the parents come in and prepare the food. Zoe Communication Ministries has help two schools in the Cape, two in (Pietersburg) Polokwane, six schools in Pretoria, and one in Witbank. Individual students who desperately needed funds have also been helped.

Zoe Communication Ministries has many expertise who give seminars, lectures, and guidance on Theological and Spiritual matters, Healthful living, Educational and Parental Guidance. They also visit, encourage and try to uplift, empower and give assistance where needed.