Drs. Gerhard and Emilie Van Wyk

Who are we:

Drs. Gerhard and Emilie Van Wyk conducted parenting classes and clubs for a number of years and assisted many families in raising their children in a happy Christian home. Dr. Emilie Van Wyk has a doctorate in Education, and has been in education for 25 years, and for 20 years she has been a principal. Emilie has specialized in gifted child education, early childhood development, and positive discipline. She had training in many fields that enriched her life, and she wishes to share the knowlege and information with others. She has read extensively in the fields of family life, and raising children. She also has many other expertise, and has worked with children and adults for many years. Dr. Gerhard Van Wyk started out as a geologist and then changed to theology where he served 24 years as a pastor. He taught at a university for 17 years. To that he added 13 more years as a contract professor. He has been promoter for many doctoral students in different fields of theology. He has written many academic articles and books. He won the prize for the best research article in 1995. During these years he also did pastoral counseling at a Psychiatric Clinic. Gerhard and Emilie are both dedicated Christian counselors with high Christian values. Both were registered members of the American Association of Christian Counselors. We want to help people to forgive. Because we know what the benefits are of forgiveness.

About Zoe Communication Ministries:

Zoe Communication Ministries was founded by Drs. Gerhard and Emilie Van Wyk in December 2004, and is governed by a board of directors

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What our students say about us

Drawing student, Stefi

β€œWhen I started here, I didn't know how good I would be at painting. There are so many different paints here to try, you can really experiment with anything. My favorite is oil paint.β€œ

Drawing student, Casey

β€œI like coming to the studio and deciding how I'm going to spend my day. If I want to paint, I can do that, but if I want to build something, I can do that instead. It's fun to be able to experiment.β€œ

Drawing student, Laura

β€œI love drawing people. Sometimes I make them up in my head, and sometimes I draw my family or friends. At the art studio, we learn how to make people's faces and bodies look really realistic.β€œ

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