Zoe Communication Ministries Healing Broken people and families

Our Vision:

The vision of Zoe Communication Ministries is to assist people to overcome their brokenness, to find healing for their body, mind, and spirit, as well as restoring relationships, and to give them hope for the future. Assisting others to communicate in a dynamic and creative way with God, others and with themselves.

Mission Statement:

To educate, guide and provide information to all who seek it. We endeavor to assist people to restore their health, by demonstrating how to improve their health and restoring a natural rhythm through healing body mind and spirit. To assist parents and parents-to-be with information on how to raise intelligent and happy children, also guidance on how to discipline and have well behaved children. To provide educational and spiritual information to enrich and empower people’s lives.

It is our purpose to assist and guide people to forgive others, themselves and how to be free and live life to its fullest.


1. To assist people to find healing for body mind and spirit.

2. To share a healthy lifestyle - to restore a natural rhythm.

3. To share info about raising happy and intelligent children.

4. To share information about discipline and how to discipline.

5. To share information about spirituality in the home.

6. What is forgiveness, why we need to forgive, and how to forgive

7. To assist people to forgive others and themselves.